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Villa plots for Sale in Bangalore

Villa Plots For Sales In Sarjapura-Bagalur Road

August 3, 2017

Luxury Villas – Market Underpinnings

As per available information, the rapid increase in the demography of high net worth residents in Bangalore, non resident Indians originating from Bangalore and the prevalent culture of borrowing from the ideas of living styles from abroad, the demand for luxury villas is consistently increasing in Bangalore.

In response to the above said trend in consumer preference, real estate developers are now focusing on offering top bracket luxury residential villas, apartments and independent houses. Typically, villas valued above Rs 3 Crores and above offered by builders increasingly.

Luxury Villas Trend in Bengaluru

Some leading analysts have given their prognosis wherein, the demand for luxury villas in Bangalore expected to slow down and the unoccupied units would increase in the near term. This in effect will present itself as an opportunity for reasonable pricing of Luxury Villas for Sale in Bangalore.

An example of this possibility is the latest offer of luxury villas by Bangalore Development Authority [BDA] costing between Rs 50 lakhs and Rs 3.00 Crores, which has found an encouraging response in the market.

In the private sector, luxury villas costing Rs 1.30 Crores onwards made available in the north Bangalore locales of KIAL Road, Yelahanka and Hebbal; similarly, a still higher value bracket of villas is on offer in Devanahalli and parts of South Bengaluru especially on the Hosur Road and Sarjapura Road.

Luxury Housing in Bengaluru – Prognosis

Accordingly, the public sector builders and those of the private sector are playing a wait and watch game, while consumers are expectantly looking for favorable price trends to show up.

This portends the possibility of favorable investment climate prevailing in the near term and the real estate sector better serving the top-end clientele in Bangalore.

NBR Group Luxury Villas for Sale in Bangalore

Being one of the major players in the Bengaluru Realty Segment, NBR Group has bestowed indulgence as far as the Luxury Housing is concerned in Bengaluru.  With projects in all territories across the city, NBR Group has promising housing projects namely

NBR Trifecta – Off Sarjapura Road

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